Want to chat with your friends in Whatsapp at dark mode? Here’s what you may do

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WhatsApp: Are you still looking for the social media application to update dark mode? It has been more than 18 months now that the Facebook-owned app was looking to come up with a gloomy design in its messenger app. The new method will allow tabled users as well as Android smartphone users to adjust dark mode in their WhatsApp as and when they wish. Last year, a number of popular apps came up with updates to support the new look, after system-wide dark modes in Android 10 and iOS was introduced.

The dark mode helps change user interface which is bright to darker shades of black and grey, making the user staring and their smartphone comfortable during the night. This also helps to boost battery. Until now, the only way to switch the display in dark mode for Android users. However, there are a number of free apps that helps make a number of popular apps look gloomier. Among these apps is Dubbed DarkQ, which can be downloaded from XDA Labs. It also works with a number of third-party apps without dark mode, as also the first-party pass on the users’ smartphones- like the Play Store.

Smartphone users may get information on how to how to install DarkQ and help the app make changes in other apps as desired by them. It may be noted here that the forced dark modes in apps don’t always look good. However, still, if any user wish to chat in their WhatsApp at night this could be a useful method.