Want to work with Britain's Royal family? Here's your chance

Ayushi Chamoli

Want to work with Britain

22 May 2019: Want to work with Britain's Royal family? Here's your chance

One cannot deny that people are obsessed with Britain's Royal Family and are in awe of their enigma.

That you simply can't meet a Royal family member adds to that aura.

However, now, news suggests that there might be a chance to not just meet them, but also work with them.

No seriously, they are looking for a full-time Digital Communications Officer.

Role: You will get to work right from the Buckingham Palace

The job will be based out of the Buckingham Palace, and will involve maintaining the social media for the royal household.

As per the job description, the employee will have to come up with "new ways to maintain The Queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage."

The job will also require you to oversee all the news flow.

JD: Will get a salary of more than Rs. 26.5 lakh

According to the job description on the official website, "Working as part of a small team of digital media specialists, you'll create content for social networking and digital platforms, including our newly launched website, as well as researching and writing feature articles."

Although the salary will depend on the experience, it will roughly pay you a whopping Rs. 26.5 lakh.

Perks: 37.5 hrs/week, 33 annual leaves and many more perks

There are several perks of working for the Royal family:

1- The position holder will be expected to work for 37.5 hours/week, i.e. from Monday to Friday.

2- Will be given a generous 33 days leave annually.

3- Will also get access to training and development.

4- Most importantly, they will get free lunch.

Excited much? Apply quickly: Today is the last day.

Fact: What skills are required to apply for the position?

As per the JD, the ideal candidate should have accurate writing/editorial skills, expertise in designing digital content and good photography skills along with experience in social media production. Further, they should hold "excellent planning skills, and ability to quickly respond to changing priorities."

Process : Here is how you can apply for the job

In order to apply, follow the simple steps below:

1- Go to the official vacancy page, royalvacancies.tal.net

2- Click on 'view current vacancies within The Royal Household'

3- Select 'Digital Communication Officer'

4- Go to 'Apply' tab and fill in your details.

On the same page, you can also have a look at other open positions including Kitchen Porter and System Analyst.