Walpar Launches Its IPO, How This Company Brought Nutrition Back to India

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Walpar is a nutrition-based manufacturing company with a wide range of Nutraceutical, Ayurvedic, Cosmeceuticals, Sexual Wellness, and Food supplement products. The Company also develops, manufactures, and commercializes HERBO-NUTRACEUTICAL products including sales, marketing, quality assurance, distribution, compliance, and regulatory aspects under Nutraceuticals.

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This company is set to launch its SME IPO on 30th June 2021. It shall aim to raise a capital of 6.6 crores from the public. The company shall use these proceeds to fund the working capital requirement, investment in its subsidiary, and general corporate purpose.

Here are some of the company’s particulars:

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The company’s vision

In 2009, various study reports came with the fact that food composition has been scientifically proven to cause lifestyle-related diseases, and has become a social issue. On the other hand, Nutraceuticals are non-specific biological therapies used to promote wellness, prevent malignant processes, and control symptoms.

Thus the idea of Nutraceutical gave birth and vision to the startup named Walpar Healthcare which has now become Walpar Nutritions limited. It aims to prevent, reduce, and manage diseases with its natural and herbal nutritional supplements.

The hurdles in the journey

When the company first entered the market, the market was flooded with low-quality products that had poor bioavailability, and there were reports of fake supplements being sold in the market due to poor regulatory setups. As these fake supplements are sold at a lower price, it became difficult for Walpar to justify their price to the potential clients and faced many challenges over the years. There was a serious lack of awareness about the supplements’ uses among the consumers as well as healthcare professionals.

But as Indians become increasingly health-conscious, they gradually started placing extra emphasis on what they eat, how they feel, and how fit they are. The growing consumer awareness in India about the importance of nutrition in disease prevention has also given a boost to the nutraceuticals market in the country.

The business model

Walpar Nutritional limited runs on the vertical integration business model that starts from the raw material trading of the products to the finished product manufacturing from their own state-of-the-art facility which is constructed according to WHO GMP guidelines

Expansion plans after the IPO

The company plans to focus on infrastructure for the regulatory requirement for a regulated market to facilitate export. It will also focus on online marketing and shall develop a direct distribution channel. The emphasis shall also be on developing their own products distribution centres. Registering and acquiring product permission for some targeted countries shall also be a primary goal.

Company’s goals for the future

The company’s most recent goal is to build a world class manufacturing facility set up which shall comply with the global standards for the manufacturing of herbonutraceutical products. It shall also simultaneously put emphasis on third party manufacturing as well as franchise route in order to grow and expand, and shall aim to open at least 100 shoppes across the country in the coming year.

They also plan to roll out on-ground activities, which shall include organising exhibitions and seminars in order to create awareness among the community.

Overall, Walpar nutritions limited seems all set and prepared for its IPO.

The issue of the IPO shall open up on the 30th of June, 2021 and it shall close by the 5th of July,2021

The price band for each equity share shall be 55/-INR.

And the minimum bid size shall be 2000 shares.


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