Woman's 'sick' act while shopping with baby in trolley

A woman is being investigated by police after being photographed with what appears to be an infant buried under piles of groceries at a supermarket.

The images were posted on Facebook and showed an infant’s feet sticking out from the bottom of a grocery cart.

Heavy packages of food and drinks appear to be on top of the child as the shopper completed her grocery shop at Walmart in South Williamson, Kentucky.

The woman who shared the photos said some other customers said they could hear the baby crying as the shopper obliviously kept adding groceries to her trolley.

At the time of publication, the images had been shared more than 30,000 times.

“There is Gatorade and other groceries piled on this youngins’ head,” the woman wrote alongside her Facebook post.

She also wondered what sort of behaviour was going on behind closed doors.

“This poor baby is probably going through hell at home if she will do this in public,” the woman wrote.

Images of a woman with groceries stacked on top of what appears to be a baby in a shopping trolley have been circulating online. Source: Facebook

The woman claimed she was not the person who took the original photos and was just sharing the post she found on another account.

“That is absolutely the sickest thing ever,” one person wrote.

“I pray that little one is ok,” another person said.

Some people thought the person who took the images should have stepped in at the time.

“Just wondering why someone didn’t say anything instead of letting the baby suffer?” one person asked.

People quickly defended the person who took the photos, stating she may have felt intimidated to approach the woman with the trolley.

“The original poster said she had her baby with her too and because of how people react nowadays she didn’t want to say anything to her in order to keep her child safe. But she did notify Walmart employees, showed them pictures,” a Facebook user said.

The public outrage lead to Pike County police investigating the incident.

After working with Walmart employees and investigating surveillance video, detectives were able to identify the woman.

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