Walleon – a new generation Smart Wallet

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To all gadget lovers and modern gentlemen out there – a brand new, sleek, smart wallet comes to light. It’s called Walleon and its creator aimed at a distinctive, futuristic look and all the security-related features that most of you are likely to want. The premium leather exterior comes in two colors – brown and black, compatible with all styles.

Created to fit all men’s needs and add luxury to their style, Walleon is the best smart wallet solution you will find on the market.

What is Walleon and what makes it unique?

Walleon is a Smart GPS Wallet with a unique design. The combination of LED lights and leather gives the style feeling of a modern luxury car, but what is important is its features that cover a man’s everyday needs.

Our Global GPS tracking system is developed with care for the safety of your cards and documents; In addition, if you forget your wallet or gets stolen, Walleon sends you a distance notification or alarms through an app on your phone to inform you.

The SOS call function allows you to make an emergency phone call to a list of predefined numbers. Modern phones are so fragile, so imagine breaking or losing your phone in a more isolated place. To make the SOS call function work you just need to insert a nano-SIM card in the slot.

The built-in Power bank is aimed to Power the LED and to charge your phone on the go. The GPS tracking and SOS call function have an independent power source that can last much longer, so if you need them they will be there for you.

The LED light function is optimized to save battery, so when the camera is covered (for example in the pocket) it turns off the light. The light also auto stops 2 minutes after the wallet is taken out and you can configure the duration from your app and if you want to save the full battery you can also turn off the light permanently. You can change the LED light color from the mobile app based on your outfit or mood.

Open Walleon, and you will find six card slots, which block RFID signals, one document pocket, and loads of room for banknotes. However, if you have much cash, the smart wallet will become quite thick.

Pros: Futuristic design, LED lighting, global location tracking, triple protection, compact size, and practical functionalities

Cons: Two colors to choose from, no room for coins

As the creator Georgi Dyulgerov says: “A smart wallet should not only be smart but should also look smart”.

More information you can find on https://walleon.net/ and also in our Supporters Facebook Group.

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