The Walking Dead Season 8 air date, spoilers, filming update: Here's everything we know

Keerthi Mohan
The Walking Dead

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It is a long wait till The Walking Dead returns to AMC. The previous season ended with Rick and the gang officially declaring war against Negan, and the upcoming season is expected to be high on the action as they set in motion their plan to take down the leader of the Saviors.

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So when can we expect the zombie apocalypse drama to return? Usually, The Walking Dead starts filming in May and goes on until November, and a new season usually premieres around October.
Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl, recently hinted that filming would start shortly by posting a photograph of himself and Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln on Instagram.

As to what viewers can expect in Season 8, showrunner Scott Gimple told Variety that it's all out war between Rick and his allies and the Saviors, and the stakes are much higher for the protagonists.

"It's essentially for the whole world as far as their experience," Gimple told Variety. "It isn't just their little corner. It's the Kingdom and the Hilltop too. The Governor just wanted them dead. Negan would be happy if everyone was alive and well and working for him. There's a very basic political idea at play here. They want to live in a fair world instead of having it just be Negan's. To that end, that idea feels to me like the beginning of civilization is at stake, this new civilization they want to build rather than live this strange half-life serving a despot."

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