The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 15 spoilers: What has Negan planned for Sasha?

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The Walking Dead

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Sasha is in big trouble in Season 7 episode 15 of The Walking Dead. The final moments of the previous episode made it seem like Sasha was dead, but images from Sunday's episode show Sonequa Martin-Green's character still alive. However, her situation doesn't look too good.

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Sasha will be held prisoner by Negan, and her only hope for escape is Eugene. But spoilers from the episode titled Something They Need hints at Sasha being disappointed by Eugene, who encourages her to join Negan and his team of Saviors.

TSDF Army, a trusted source for The Walking Dead spoilers, has released a few details about the penultimate episode and it looks like Sasha will be locked up in a cell after being captured. But her situation wouldn't be as bad as Daryl's.

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"She still has her clothes, and she's given good food and bedding (oh, and no Easy Street either.)" the spoiler forum revealed. "When Negan finally shows up, he basically offers to make her one of his top lieutenants (in time of course) because of her 'beachball lady nuts.'" Negan will also take down one of his own men when he tries to rape Sasha.

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As for her interactions with Eugene, here's what happens.

"She begs Eugene to give her something 'to end it.' She knows full well Negan's going to use her to hurt her friends, and she can't live with that. Eugene obliges. She might have been asking for a weapon so she could actually take out Negan. When Eugene slips the suicide pills under the cell door, she seems surprised and upset," revealed TSDF Army.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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