Walk-in Admission of the Needy, 500 Oxygenated Beds: Delhi's Sardar Patel Centre Providing Care to Covid Patients

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Sardar Patel COVID Care Centre in Delhi’s Chhatarpur, which has 500 oxygenated beds, has been accepting patients since Monday. A total of 297 COVID-19 patients, including 203 males and 94 females, have been admitted to the facility till Thursday.

Established by Radha Soami Beas in association with South Delhi District Administration and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), the facility has been providing COVID-19 treatment, medicines, food and other facilities free of cost.

Admission to the COVID care centre needs a reference by the District Surveillance Officer (DSO) of respective Delhi Districts. However, the facility is also allowing walk-in admissions of needy patients. After reporting the patients at the reception, initial documentation is to be done followed by physical examination. Patients are then alloted a bed and admitted to the hospital. A kit is provided to the patients after admission.

Last Saturday, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had visited the facility and reviewed the COVID-19 preparedness of the centre. The minister was informed that the capacity of the Sardar Patel COVID Care Centre (SPCCC) will be augmented to 1,000 beds in another week, and thereafter, swiftly to accommodate 1,500 beds and finally to 2,000 beds, the Union health ministry said in a statement.

The centre at Chhatarpur in south Delhi is being adequately equipped with medical facilities which include ten dedicated basic care life support ambulances, X-Ray, oxygen cylinders, biphasic defibrillators, pulse oxymeters, suction machines and BiPAP machines along with other medical equipment.

At the healthcare facility, in-house psychological counselling and psychiatry services are also provided by trained counsellors. Telemedicine support will also be provided by Referral Hospital, ITBP.

The Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has sent a team of 40 well qualified medical doctors, who were joined by a team of 120 expert paramedics, the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government Thursday morning released revised cumulative coronavirus figures for the city, raising the case tally by 44,350 and fatalities by 761 than previously reported. In the revised figures, the Delhi government has put the number of cases at 10,98,051 and deaths at 15,377. The data released on Wednesday night had put out a lower overall figures of 10,53,701 cases and 14,616 fatalities. The cumulative positivity rate has also been revised upwards from 6.20 per cent to 6.46 per cent.

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