Wajid Khan's wife opens up on being forced to convert

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Wajid Khan
Wajid Khan

30 Nov 2020: Wajid Khan's wife opens up on being forced to convert

Amid the ongoing debate around the Anti-Conversion law, wife of late musician Wajid Khan has come forward to share her experience of being married outside her religion.

Talking about being forced to convert to Islam, she recently said, "In this day and age, a woman can face such prejudice (and) suffering in the name of religion is a complete shame."

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Details: 'His family forced their orthodoxy on him'

Kamalrukh Khan, Wajid's wife, revealed that even though Wajid was fine with her choice of not converting to Islam before their marriage, his attitude changed due to the family's pressure.

"His family forced their orthodoxy on him and me and when I didn't budge, I was made an outcast of sorts. He became an absentee father and husband," Kamalrukh told The Times of India.

Details: His mother would tell Wajid to re-marry: Kamalrukh

Talking about her story, Kamalrukh stated that she and Wajid were "college sweethearts" and dated for almost 10 years before deciding to get married under the Special Marriages Act.

"His mother would openly tell Wajid, in my presence, to re-marry, which he obviously did not agree to do," she further told the publication.

Interview: 'His parents called my children illegitimate'

Not only Kamalrukh, but her children also suffered as she refused to change her religion.

Recalling the ordeal, she said, "Wajid's family kept insisting that our children were illegitimate as was our marriage since we had not married as per the Muslim law."

She added that the late singer's family remained disrespectful toward her and their children.

Statement: 'Post his death, the harassment from the family continues'

Kamalrukh disclosed that though she and Wajid came closer toward his final days, his family was still distant from her and her children, Arshi and Hrehaan.

She also revealed that she has finally opened up about the same as she doesn't want Wajid's family to snatch away what lawfully belongs to her children.

To recall, Wajid Khan died on June 1 at age 43.

Post: Kamalrukh first talked about her struggles through a recent post

Kamalrukh, who was born into a Parsi family, first talked about the struggles in her marriage through an Instagram post put last week.

"My dignity and self respect did not permit me to bend backward for him and his family, by converting to Islam," she had written.

She also claimed that she was threatened with divorce a number of times.

Fact: Here's what she had posted on Instagram

Support: Kangana Ranaut has come out in her support

After Kamalrukh's allegations came to the fore, actor Kangana Ranaut supported her.

In a series of tweets, she wrote, "She is my friend's widow - a Parsi woman who is being harassed by her family for conversion."

"I want to ask @PMOIndia (the Prime Minister's Office) that a minority that doesn't do sympathy-seeking drama, beheading, riots and conversions, how are we protecting them? (sic)"

New law: What is the Anti-Conversion law all about?

Recently, the Uttar Pradesh government brought into effect an Anti-Conversion law.

As per the law, a marriage will be declared "null and void" if the religious conversion of a woman is solely for that purpose.

Further, those who may wish to change their religion after marriage need to apply to the district magistrate.

Other state governments have also expressed desire to introduce such laws.