Waitress Quits Job after Adamant Anti-mask Customer Refuses to Wear One, Video Goes Viral

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It has been a year since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, and even though the vaccine for the virus has been made, the old safety measures continue to remain in place. However, it seems many are lackadaisical of that fact and refuse to wear a face mask in public. But frontline workers like those in the restaurant business or healthcare services continue to face the brunt, especially in the United States. The nation has seen over 5,42,356 deaths due to the coronavirus, the maximumin the world. It was under such conditions that one waitress in the US decided to quit her job on the spot when a customer refused to comply with coronavirus rules.

A TikTok video that is now being circulated on social media shows how a waitress loses her patience after a customer shows up at her restaurant without a mask. The waitress – who has not been named, asks the woman to put her mask on, but the customer replies that they are just going to have a quick bite and leave.

The waitress then lists out the rules, applicable in many other food establishments open during the pandemic. She explains how customers need to wear a mask as they walk inside and make their way to a table, at which point they can remove their mask. But the lady, who was seen holding her face mask in her hands, was quite adamant and said that she does not understand why they have to wear a mask when they are just entering five feet into the restaurant. She further says that she has her lipstick on and cannot wear the mask.

At this point, the waitress brings in her manager who again tries to convince the woman to wear her mask. The video then shows how the waitress and the customer are in a heated argument ,where the customer says that wearing a mask does not make sense since she is already in the restaurant. The exasperated waitress then says that it is because of people like her who make having a job difficult. She further says that she already does not get paid enough to be serving in the restaurant. The waitress takes off her apron and storms off the restaurant as she declares that she is quitting. Her manager is seen running out of the restaurant to bring her back. At this point, the anti-mask woman says, "Fine, I'll wear the mask, are we happy?"

The people in the restaurant certainly did not like the customer's behaviour and even applauded when she left.