Waiting for Diwali Bonus? These Funny Memes and Jokes Will Remind You Of Your Appraisal... Since You Aren't Getting Either!

Riddhi Jadhav
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Happy Diwali! Well, we know the festival of lights is still a few days away but is yours going to be a happy one? The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a slowdown in the economic situation and many companies have laid off their employees this year. While others take it slow to grow back, this year many employees have not even got their appraisal, and in Diwali most of us expect a Diwali bonus. Well, the jokes on you at least, for this time around. But to make you relate to this situation there are several funny memes and jokes online which perfectly describe your situation these days. With no Diwali bonus or no appraisal coming in, these jokes and memes can relatably wipe your tears. While you do the Diwali ki Safai, share these funny memes and jokes on Diwali bonus as well.

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Some of you already know that there won't be a bonus this time, but do you still have a little hope within? Then we have got a nice collection of jokes and memes that will make you LOL at your situation. Even otherwise, not every company gets a fixed Diwali bonus, so when your friend gets it and you don't, the situation has always been made into funny memes online. As we already approach the festival of Diwali which begins November 14, we give you a collection of jokes to laugh over.

Check Funny Memes and Jokes on Diwali Bonus:

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Perfect Hera Pheri Scene


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No Bonus This Time


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No Money


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Better Luck Next Time!


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How's Yours?


Yes Laxman

You can surely send these jokes and memes to your colleagues this time to sympathise that we all are sailing in the same boat. Spread laughs instead of the sadness that there won't be a few extra bucks in your salary this month. Wishing you have a happy and contented Diwali 2020!