Wait, what! Malaika Arora wants to block Gerard Butler?

moumita bhattacharjee
Malaika Arora's this confession will shock many.

Yes, you read it right, Malaika Arora confessed that the only number she wants to block is of Gerard Butler. In today’s episode of BFFs with Vogue, Neha Dhupia asked Malaika to say the name of that one person she wants to block or have already blocked. She named Gerard Butler. It’s not just us but Neha too was stunned at this reply. Who blocks Gerard Bulter’s number? Well, Malaika did!

We don’t know what’s this story between Gerard Butler and Malaika Arora but it surely stunned us.  We obviously would love to know why Malaika said that because she didn’t care to explain it. This happened during the say it or strip it session. Malaika took some time and then answered it. Now we are dying to know why she said that! Sigh…

Malaika did make some candid confessions on the show. She revealed how she thinks she is lucky in love and why she thinks Kareena Kapoor Khan should stop gossiping. Amrita Arora, her BFF here, seemed a bit lost. Neha asked her a few acronyms asking her to say the full form of those. She missed a few. Check a glimpse of what happened on today’s show.

Well that was quite a candid one from Malaika we must say, and it only goes on to show the kind of bond that the sisters share with Kareena. Malaika and Amrita did bring the house down as they were in their elements on the show.