Vote for President Trump is a vote for a better America, says First Lady

Lalit K Jha
·3-min read

Washington, Oct 30 (PTI) President Donald Trump is focused on the future of the country and a vote for him is a vote for a better America, First Lady Melania has said as she made an impassioned plea to voters to back her husband during the November 3 presidential polls.

Melania was speaking at her second election rally and first joint appearance with Trump in Tampa, Florida on Thursday. Trump, a Republican, is seeking re-election to the White House.

Former vice president Joe Biden is the Democratic presidential nominee.

“For those of you who are still deciding who to vote for on Tuesday, I hope that what I have to say will prove to you that a vote for President Trump is a vote for a better America,” Melania said.

“In a time when hate, negativity, and fear are the messages the media streams into our homes and the large tech companies are protecting political censorship, we need to remember what is really important. My husband's administration is focused on the future,” she said.

Asserting that the Trump administration has blocked out the noise and focused on the American people, Melania said, 'under my husband's leadership our nation is respected again, our borders are safer, we have won wars and we have stayed out of new conflicts. We have made historic peace deals in the Middle East. We didn't just talk about it, we moved our embassy to Jerusalem.” 'The president stands with our friend Israel more than any other president before. Our allies are now doing their fair share globally. Our economy soared and unemployment shrank. Our military is stronger than ever. Opportunities for women and especially working mothers expanded in our workforce,” she said, listing out the achievements of Trump in the first four years of his administration.

“We have a law and order president. Donald fights to protect and support all our people. He also fully supports our men and women in uniform,” she said.

Amidst the chanting of “Four More Years' from the crowd, Melania said that under Trump, American values and ideas are protected, cherished, and upheld.

Speaking about a COVID-19 vaccine, she urged her fellow countrymen not to bring politics into it.

“A vaccine is not a partisan issue, if you are not supporting the safe production of a vaccine you are not supporting the health and safety of the American people. There is no room to play politics on this topic in the midst of a pandemic,” she said.

The US is the worst affected country from the COVID-19 pandemic with over 8.9 million people affected by the disease and over 1.1 million deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University data.

“President Trump chooses to move this country forward. This country deserves a president with proven results, not empty words and promises. On Tuesday, the direction our country will take is in your own hands. I ask that you join us in continuing to put America first. Together we will overcome this pandemic and continue building the brightest future for generations to come,” Melania said. PTI LKJ RS RS