Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO Review: Absolutely Brilliant With No Divaesque Tantrums

Air pollution and Indian cities go hand in hand. The best you can do to deal with this unseen terror is use air purifiers at home to clean the air that you breathe indoors. Walk into a store or search online and air purifiers are available aplenty, but not all are as good as they should be. One of the better ones that you can pick is the Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO—a mouthful name, but brilliant at what it does. The sticker price is Rs 21,990 but you can get this for under Rs 19,000 if you total up the various discounts and cashbacks that are available on various payment options including credit cards.

For starters, the Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO is meant for large rooms. Your investment will pay off well because this will be able to keep the air in large living room and dining room combination nicely purified. This has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 320 cubic meter per hour and is good for around 400 square feet room sizes. In terms of the features available, the basics are well checked off—auto mode, sleep mode, AQI display and a child lock, to name a few. Operation is quite simple. The touch sensitive controls at the top are easy to get the hang off—they are clearly labeled, the touch response is consistent and the AQI numbers give you a better perspective on how good or bad the air quality is in your home at any given point of time. This is a conventional box-type air purifier as far as the design goes. It takes in air from the sides as well as the extra vent towards the bottom of the front panel. The clean air vent is towards the rear (owing to the thinning design, there is no traditional top frame in this design) but angling upwards. While the air flow is sufficient to allow for good dispersion of the clean air, you might want to keep this slightly further away from the wall or any piece of furniture so that the air flow remains unrestricted.

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The air filtration capabilities of the Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO are extremely robust, I have to say. The very first tryst that the polluted air has is with a metal pre-filter. Most air purifiers make do with a synthetic pre-filter that we also find in air-conditioners. This aluminum pre-filter is thicker and denser than the other pre-filters, which means the larger and thicker dust particles are well taken care of at this stage itself. The second layer is the cold catalyst and activated carbon filter layer—this is supposed to eliminate formaldehyde and break down other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Then comes the anti-bacterial filter layer which kills airborne germs and bacteria while also capturing particles up to 5 microns in size. Then comes the HEPA layer, the high efficiency particulate arrestance layer that will capture pollutant particles, dust and other airborne viruses up to 0.3 micron in size. A lot of purifiers miss this, but the Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO is the UV light which is a sterilizer and a disinfectant to disable any viruses or bacteria that may be even smaller than 0.3 microns—Voltas calls this a Germicidal UV lamp and if a purifier doesn’t have the ultraviolet (UV) light, these really tiny particles that might have managed to evade all the filter layers may have been released back into the air.

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The final layer of the filtration process is an anion producer which uses electrically charged ions to attach themselves to particulates and microbes making them heavier and helping them fall below the height at which most humans breathe. Unlike the absolutely terrible Eureka Forbes Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 660H air purifier (around Rs 37,990 - you can read that review here) which we had reviewed some time ago, this does not emit any soot-like composition that makes the wall behind this purifier assume a darker shade—it is unforgivable that an air purifier emits what can only be classified as impure air.

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As far as the operation goes, the Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO goes about its works in a very silent manner. You’ll barely realize it is running, unless the fan speed increases close to the max level when an influx of impure air is detected in the room. Maybe a draft of clean air if you are sitting in the vicinity will give you a hint that this is running. I did notice that the AQI sensors on this purifier are very sensitive to even the slightest of new air coming into the room—open a door for a couple of second in the far corner of the same room this is placed in, and it immediately changes operation modes to quickly deal with the impure air we have added into the room. Ideal then, for usually active rooms such as the living room, in most homes. All those high-quality filters really come into their own in the real world, and the Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO manages to keep the large room’s air quality well under the 30 mark in the auto operation mode, as per our Laser Egg 2 air quality monitor. At night or when the room may be less active, this number came down to the single digits too.

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What I perhaps missed is the fact that this purifier isn’t exactly smart. As in, it doesn’t have a companion app for phones and doesn’t connect with the home Wi-Fi to enable the remote management functions. At this price, one would perhaps expect that, particularly when the likes of Xiaomi are offering the same in Mi Air Purifiers that are priced much lesser than this. Nevertheless, while that is absolutely not a deal breaker, I do want Voltas to perhaps think long and hard about how the Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO reacts to power cuts—for the benefits of air purifiers they may launch in the future. When electricity returns after a power cut, the Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO doesn’t automatically switch on. One has to manually power it on by tapping on the power button on the control panel. Power cuts are commonplace in Indian cities, and this can be quite annoying at times.

Those two foibles aside, the Voltas Air Purifier VAP47TWO is a very capable air purifier that your home most certainly deserves. Excellent quality filters, and multiple layers of those, do a fantastic job of cleaning the room’s air. And most importantly, keeping it clean even when the room may be active all day. This is simple, and quietly does its job—and that’s its strongest point.

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