Vladimir Putin Denies Russia’s Alleged Role in US Elections

Vladimir Putin has denied allegations that Russia played a role in the 2016 US Presidential elections. Speaking at a forum in the Russian city of Arkhangelsk, Putin referenced former US President George HW Bush. “Read my lips: No,” Associated Press quoted him as saying.

Vladimir Putin, President, Russia “Once, Reagan, while discussing, I think, taxes, told the Americans: ‘Read my lips: ‘No!’”

Although Putin erroneously attributed the quote to former US President Ronald Reagan, he pronounced the word “No” in English in a bid to drive his point home.

Putin’s comments come even as Michael Flynn, former advisor to US President Donald Trump, asked for immunity in exchange for cooperation in the probe into the alleged Russian role in the elections.

(With inputs from Associated Press)

Video Editor: Mohd Irshad Alam