VK Sasikala to visit Jaya Memorial in Chennai, but government shuts it down; EPS slammed

Politics over Jaya Memorial in Tamil Nadu has erupted after VK Sasikala's nephew slams EPS via its mouthpiece. EPS has been slammed for closing down Jaya's memorial. This after VK Sasikala, a close aide of Jayalalitha is expected to visit the Jaya Memorial after coming back to Chennai. Jaya Memorial was inaugurated in Jan only because VK Sasikala was expected to release from jail. However, VK Sasikala tested positive for COVID and was admitted to a hospital and thus her visit was delayed. The newly inaugurated memorial has been shut for maintenance by the Tamil Nadu government. The mouthpiece has also questioned if AIADMK's headquarter will also be shut down tomorrow as Sasikala is expected to visit.