Vitamin A, cold temperatures help in burning fat faster, suggests study

Cold temperatures and increased vitamin A encourage burning of fat, suggests a new study published in the journal of Molecular Metabolism. According to a report by Fox News, the journal of Molecular Metabolism explored that cold temperature and vitamin A are capable of converting white fat, storing excess calories to brown fat, which "stimulates fat burning and heat generation." During the research, cold temperatures were applied to mice, which resulted in increased vitamin A production and higher fat burning. According to the findings, Vitamin A reserves are mostly stored in the liver and because cold temperatures increase the levels of Vitamin A and its blood transporter, retinol-binding protein, it can convert white to brown fat, thus encouraging faster fat burning. The above-mentioned findings are efficient in providing a significant solution to various weight-gain related problems like obesity. However, one of the study's lead researchers, Florian Kiefer from the Medical University of Vienna, cautioned against taking large quantities of vitamin A supplements in an effort to lose weight.