Virgin Mary Statue ‘Cries Tears of Blood’ in Italian Town of Carmiano, Crowds Gather to Catch a Glimpse of the ‘Miracle’ (See Pictures)

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Carmiano, a small town in Italy witnesses crowds near the statue of the Virgin Mary after it was spotted "crying tears of blood". People came all the way from Paolini Aresano Square to see the "miracle". The statue, erected in 1943 was mobbed by Italians to witness the unique happening. Video of the incident which is being widely shared on social media shows people crowding near the statue. However, Riccardo Calabrese, priest of the Sant’Antonio Abate Church, said it is not sure it was a miracle or not. He said it is not known if the blood-like liquid coming from the statue of Virgin Mary's eye is the result of hot weather or "someone’s idea of a joke". Bali's Miracle: Turning Wine into Hand Sanitiser.

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The Sun quoted Calabrese as saying, "All the time I was next to the statue, I saw a procession of people who, out of curiosity or faith, left their homes to gather there. I saw children, teenagers, adults, and elderly people meeting at our beloved Virgin Mary statue, and they all looked up at her face." He said that the temperature in the town was over 40 degrees and some believe the "tears" could be the result of condensation. Did God and Prayers Make Man’s Brain Tumour Disappear Without Surgery? 'Faith Healing' Could Be Behind The Miracle.

Statue of Virgin Mary Crying Tears of Blood in Italian Town:

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According to a local newspaper, Bishop of Lecce has announced that the church will investigate the incident. According to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, God does miraculous works listening to saints' prayers and intercessions. Multiple times in the past such "miraculous incidents" have gone viral on social media platforms. Pictures and videos of weeping and bleeding statues of Christ have often gone viral on the internet in the past garnering varying kinds of reactions.