Virat Kohli tweets a picture from Pakistan game with a throwback photo, and it’s going viral

India’s captain Virat Kohli laughs during a training session. (Source: AP Photo)

Captain Virat Kohli was having a ball as the Indian team beat Pakistan by 89 runs on Sunday. He was caught mimicking someone during the rain break, getting a laugh out of Vijay Shankar claiming his first wicket off his first delivery, and generally seemed to be enjoying himself on the field.

On a relaxed Monday, with no matches to worry about till this weekend, Kohli tweeted a photo of him looking at the rain during the India-Pakistan match, but in this case he included an undated photo of him from the 1990s in which he had struck the same pose with his hands on his hips.

"Doing it since the early 90s," he wrote.

One Twitter user pointed out that someone had already tweeted the picture out earlier:

But given the tweet comes right after the victory against Pakistan, most people responded with to the cricketer’s tweet with praise: