Virat Kohli is thankfully still my friend, says David Warner

Mahim Gupta
Believe it or not but Virat Kohli and David Warner are still buddies!

David Warner and Virat Kohli may have had several intense battles in international cricket but if you are to believe the Aussie dasher, they are both friends. Warner also said that he had a chat with Kohli during the opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League. Warner was quoted to be saying by PTI, “Ya. I had a chat with Virat. We are still friends, thankfully. I had a text conversation with him which is very nice of him.”

He further added, “As we all know, we all got jobs to do. You guys (journalists) write, right or wrong. We players…that’s how the game is. But, away from this, we are still very good friends. Sometimes on the field, we can take it too seriously and for the emotions for the next hour, we might be thinking they are not going to be anymore this and that, but for us, we are all going to be friends, everything is taken care.”

This may be the case of diplomacy at its best considering the IPL is on and what else can a foreign player say on a sensitive issue like friendship with an Indian player. But remember that these comments have come on the back of Kohli saying that he is not friends with Aussies anymore. He later clarified that he was referring to only a couple of Aussie players. Also check-I initially doubted Virat Kohli’s leadership skills, says AB de Villiers

Warner has had a bit of a history with India which includes both good and bad. He captained Sunrisers Hyderabad to an IPL title win last year but has also been involved in several run-ins with Indian players while playing international cricket.