Is Virat Kohli participating in Roadies?

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has seen many of his identical faces being surfaced on the internet in the past. Recently another instance popped up in India's biggest reality show Roadies.

A participant named Lakshya Thukral appeared in Roadies Revolution auditions in Chandigarh. When you have clear look at his face one cannot deny to call him the doppelganger of Virat Kohli.

20-year-old Lakshya caught everyone’s attention when he queued up for audition of 17th season of Roadies.

When Lakshya was questioned on getting the unwanted attention for sharing a similar face with the Indian skipper, he replied, "people do come and click selfies thinking I am Virat Kohli.

Coming back to Roadies, Lakshya looks forward to be a part of Team Neha Dhupia as he said, "I like Neha Dhupia as a gang leader. She inspires me a lot and I love the way she tackles situations on Roadies and the leadership quality that she has. I love taking up challenges and hence want to join the show to test my skills.