Virat Kohli Gives Sneak Peak into Training Session During Coronavirus Lockdown

India captain Virat Kohli is seemingly doing everything to keep himself fit during the enforced break put forward by the coronavirus pandemic.

Kohli, on Friday, shared an incredible video of himself on Instagram, with a Punjabi song blaring in the background, doing multiple power snatch.

His post read: "If I had to make a choice of one exercise to do everyday, this would be it. Love the power snatch."

Earlier, Kohli had shared another video of himself going through his physical training. Impressed by teammate Hardik Pandya's fly push-ups, Kohli posted a video on social media doing the same exercise.

"Hey @hardikpandya7 loved your fly push ups. Here's adding a little clap to it," Kohli said in a tweet with a video where he is seen doing fly pushups.

India all-rounder Hardik had recently posted a video on Twitter, doing fly pushups at his gym.

"Stronger. Fitter. Still under construction @krunalpandya24, I challenge you bhai! Let's see how many you can do," Hardik said in the post. Elder brother and India all-rounder Krunal took up his challenge and did the same.

The drill caught fitness Kohli's eye and the ace batsman did not miss out and he came up with his own rendition of the exercise.

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