Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma wedding: A walk down memory lane

Pranjal Mech

Kohli and Anushka's highly anticipated wedding became a reality in Italy

Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma tied the knot on December 11, 2017, in a secluded ceremony at Borgo Finocchieto in Italy's Tuscany to bring an end to the rumour-mongering surrounding the star couple's relationship status.

'Virushka' as the couple is known, had never gone public with the status of their relationship until now though it has been an open secret that they have been seeing each other for almost four years after falling for each other during the shooting of a shampoo commercial in 2013.

The couple had their ups and downs, even reportedly breaking up for a while, but found their undying love for each other too hard to resist and were back together soon, stronger than before.

Kohli has been extremely protective of Anushka, even when the couple had reportedly gone on their separate ways, standing up for his love interest when she was trolled online for his poor performances on the field, especially during India's tour to England in 2014 and the 2015 World Cup.

Not one to be left behind, Anushka has stood up for herself and has not shied away from giving it back to those who have tried to troll her online with regards to her alleged relationship with Kohli and the effect it was having on the cricketer's performance.

Having overcome the tough times to build on their special bond, the couple finally tied the knot in a typical Punjabi affair set in Italy and it's a truly special day for everyone associated with Kohli and Anushka and we all hope that their love story lives on forever.

Let's take a look at their special journey together captured in frames through the years.

The Clinic shampoo ad - Where it all began!

The couple reportedly fell in love during the shooting of the commercial in 2013

It was the year 2013 and Virat Kohli had well and truly established himself as the poster boy of Indian cricket with his youthful vigour and performances on the field.

Anushka Sharma had done well with her Bollywood acting career as well, carrying on from a spectacular debut performance alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

No wonder then that they were cast together for a video commercial with Clear Shampoo hoping to market on the couple's incredible fan following.

Requiring to do a salsa for the commercial, the couple underwent intense dance sessions together in the Latin American dancing style.

They hit off during the course of the shoot and looked stunning together in their black outfits lighting up the screen with their salsa dance moves such as 'change of handholds' and 'comb' with considerable ease.

And thus began the tale of Virushka

Spotted together

The couple were eager to keep their privacy intact but getting clicked together did little to hide the obvious

As their love blossomed, Kohli and Anushka began to be spotted together on several occasions and the rumour mill as expected went into an overdrive.

While they tried to dismiss the glaring media eye by suggesting that they were just good friends, it soon became apparent that they were dating each other.

Though they never went public with their affection for each other, asking the media to respect their privacy, it was all too evident that true love was blossoming with Anushka becoming a constant presence at India's matches and Kohli doing likewise, accompanying Anushka to the sets.

They were often clicked together in public eye as well, shopping together, on a dinner date, at the launch party of Kohli's fashion label and so on, but as always, the couple remained silent on their relationship status.

Kohli's flying kiss for Anushka

Kohli's blows a flying kiss to Anushka during an ODI against Sri Lanka in November 2014

By late 2014, the couple had truly hit and off and even admitted reluctantly to the media that they were in a relationship with each other without stating the obvious.

"If you are seen together somewhere and still people ask 'is it confirmed?', then it is a matter of common sense," Kohli said in 2014. "If you know, then why ask the same question?"

Anushka's presence during India's tour to England in 2014 was criticised by many, especially after Kohli struggled big time in the seaming conditions but the couple took little notice of their critics and were happy to be in each other's company.

Back home against Sri Lanka, Virat Kohli gave perhaps the first public indication about how madly he was in love with Anushka when he blew a flying kiss to the stands where Anushka was cheering on her love interest as he completed a half-century against Sri Lanka at Hyderabad in November 2014.

It was a match that saw Kolhi beat the great Sir Vivian Richards' record of being the fastest to 6000 ODI runs and he made it a truly special occasion with this true moment of love.

Public display of affection - Virtual and real

Kohli and Anushka spent a good deal of time together in Australia in early 2015

With time, Kohli and Anushka were doing little to deflect the glaring media attention and made it obvious that they were in a relationship.

The flying kisses continued when Anushka accompanied Kohli and Co during India's tour of Australia in 2014/15 and they were often spotted spending time together during their time Down Under.

With the 2015 World Cup fast approaching and Anushka busy with her debut film production NH10, the couple had to spend time away from each other but they ensured to let the world know how much they loved each other.

Kohli took time off from World Cup duty to watch NH10 and was blown over by Anushka's' performance in the movie and took to Twitter to let his feelings known, for his love as well as the movie.

Anushka replied in kind, thanking Kohli for his compliments.

Cheering on for love

Kohli and Anushka clicked together during the 2015 ISL final in Goa

There's hardly anything more special than your loved one taking time out to support you in something that you are truly passionate about. Kohli and Anushka have shown it so many times making them a truly adorable couple.

As we know, they have made it a point to accompany each other to matches or shoots as and when time and their profession allows and the same has been true for neutral ventures as well.

Anushka and Kohli watched in anticipation during the 2015 ISL final between Chennaiyin FC and FC Goa - the latter being co-owned by the Indian cricketer - and looked adorable together sporting the Goan club's jersey.

Overcoming troubled waters

In early 2016, trouble began brewing in the Virushka camp and it was obvious that all was not well between the pair when the public appearances began dwindling down and it came to a standstill when they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Yet, it was heartening to see the way Kohli stood up for Anushka even when they were not together after the actress was being trolled for Kohli's improvement in on-field performances, post the alleged split.

After guiding India to victory over Australia in the 2016 World T20, Kohli took to Instagram to criticise those having a go at Anushka.

Kohli had vehemently defended Anushka when she was targetted after Kohli's failure against Australia in the semi-final of the 2015 ODI Wolrd Cup, but the stark contrast in their relationship then and now, drew plaudits for the way Kohli stood up for Anushka.

Dazzling together at Yuvraj Singh's wedding

Anushka and Kohli walked hand in hand to Yuvraj Singh's wedding festivities

Kohli and Anushka got back together some time in 2016 and they were publically spotted together for the first time since the split outside a restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai.

It did take some time though to get back to their old ways but they truly rocked the show with their appearance together at Yuvraj Singh's wedding to Hazel Keech in December 2016.

The weddings conducted as per the Sikh and Hindu traditions, as well as the reception that followed, saw plenty of celebrity appearance but it was the star couple, Anushka and Kohli, walking hand in hand, who hogged the limelight.

They put on their dancing shoes later on dancing to Punjabi songs and had a wonderful time that proved that they were and truly back together.

Chilling out in New York

Kohli and Anushka spent time together in New York in July 2017

Following India' tour to West Indies, Virat Kohli took time out of his busy cricket schedule to spend time with Anushka Sharma in New York and the couple had a really good time enjoying each other's company.

They were spotted strolling on the streets, going for a ride together as well as grocery shopping among other things.

The bond was getting stronger with every passing day and it was obvious that something was in the offering pretty soon.

Gearing up for Diwali and beyond

Kohli and Anushka's chemistry in the Diwali commercial for Manyavar and Mohey drew eyeballs

One of Kohli's premier tie-ups is with Ethnic Men's wear brand Manyavar and when their women's brand Mohey roped in Anushka as their brand ambassador, 'Virushkians' were eagerly looking forward to seeing the couple in an ad together once again.

Their wish was granted when the couple appeared in a sweet romantic commercial during the festive Diwali season where their chemistry was too irresistible.

In the commercial, they are pictured together at a wedding and Kohli and Anushka exchange their views on what the newly-weds might be promising each other on the special day.

From light-hearted comments for the joyous moments, their conversation slowly moves to how they will take care of each other for the rest of their lifetimes, melting away the viewers' hearts.

The ad drew praise for the way it showed the couple, almost masked with reality and Virushkians were drooling over when they would get to see the transformation from 'reel' to 'real'.

They didn't have to wait for long!

The wedding

Kohli and Anushka got married on December 11 in Italy

When the BCCI accepted Kohli's request not to consider him for the ODI and T20 series against Sri Lanka, it seemed a straight-forward move considering the fact that India had a pretty tough assignment lined-up next against South Africa in their own backyard.

But there was more to it as media outlets began reporting that perhaps Kohli and Anushka were going to tie the knot sometime in December.

The rumours turned into reality on December 11 when the celebrity couple got married in Italy in a small function that was attended only by close family and friends.

A grand reception awaits back home that will be attended by the top BCCI officials, Indian cricketers, Bollywood celebrities and other corporate hotshots.

For now, its time to celebrate a incredible love story and the journey has only just begun. Long may it continue.