Viral Videos of the Week: Gorillas Avoiding Rain to Baby Elephant Dumbo’s Death, These Clips Went Viral

Madhurima Sarkar

Just another week has gone by, making us realise once again, that time is running too fast. As the illusion of it continues, it is time for us to look at all the fun, inspirational, informative and awareness videos that keep the internet in splits and united at the same time. While, most of you are done with your weekend fun, or some getting all the sleep possible together and prepare for the upcoming week, look at the top seven videos that went insanely viral. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name any, these clips made their quick appearance delighting the internet. While the netizens are still mourning grumpy cat’s demise, look at the top 7 videos of this week that strived every possible to keep the social media users captivated. From Gorillas avoiding rains hilariously to Thailand zoo’s baby elephant Dumbo’s death, the internet experienced all the emotions together.

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1. Gorillas Avoiding Rain at US Zoo

This viral clip from Phoneix, Orlando in Florida had all the inspiration that netizens needed to beat the mid-week blues. It shows a young boy trying to break a tile at his karate class, but succeeds only after multiple attempts. The Karate Kid has an awesome instructor and amazing friends, who kept on encouraging the little one, who was crying and on the verge of giving up. After many attempts, the boy finally broke the tile in half, learning to never give up.

5. Musicians Play Instruments Made of Melted Ice at the North Pole

The planet is definite crises and climate change is reeling the whole world. While many initiatives are taken by many organisations across the globe, ‘most northern concert’ that took place in the North Pole, is ultra-special. The instruments of this small concert were made of ice. A group of musicians playing a quartet on ice-sculpted instruments in the Arctic at -12℃ temperatures won hearts. The objective of this concert was to highlight the rate at which the ice is melting in the region.

6. London Train Driver Accidentally Plays Porn on Sound System

Well, the passengers were not expecting any X-rated source of entertainment on their journey. But it just happened, accidentally and Twitter could not control their humour, ROFLing at the train driver, who apparently did not know that the public announcement system was on. The video quickly made its way to the viral content online and netizens had some amazing reactions.

7. Baby Elephant Dumbo’s Demise at Thailand Zoo

Video of the baby elephant dubbed ‘Dumbo’ was being “forced to rave” for the entertainment of visitors had gone viral. Reportedly, the three-year-old had to perform at least three times a day, and eventually, the little one began to suffer from an infection and died. A scan showed that Dumbo had broken its back legs and three days later, it passed away, raising concerns of the increasing dominance on animals. It is yet another example of how neglected these animals are in captivity.

These were a few, out of too many videos that went viral this week. While some were light-hearted, others such as Dumbo’s demise are only devastating. As the week has ended, let us see what the upcoming week has to offer us online.