Viral Videos of the Week: From Dog Attending Keertan to Shell on Challenge, Watch Top 7 Clips on Trend

Madhurima Sarkar

The internet is a crazy platform, witnessing many trends coming and vanishing every moment. While some viral challenges captivate the social media users for a longer time, many split them, while others are plain humour. It is needless to say, that we spent the majority of our time scrolling on our social media profiles. And hence, it has become significantly necessary to acclaim those viral videos that are shared on social media, to either create a lighter mood or use them that primarily becomes a movement triggering justice. Since, another week has gone by; it is time to look back to the viral videos that were seen everywhere this week. While India captured one of the most adorable moments of a dog attending Keertan (religious gatherings), the ‘Shell on Challenge’ among teenagers scared the netizens. Let us take a look at the top seven videos and clips that went viral this week, with the significant number of views.

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1. Adorable Dog Attending Keertan Devotedly

It is this cuter pooch from Pune, India who has been flooded with love all across the internet, by its devoted participation at a local religious gathering, where devotees were singing devotional songs or Keertan. On the viral clip, you can see the dog devotedly attending the keertan and singing along with other devotees too.

2. Meet Real-Life Unicorn Sheep

The unicorn craze is never hidden. A one-horned sheep has been attracting plenty of attention in the mid-north. So much that a South Australian man, identified as Michael Foster gave away two cases of beer to save the sheep from being slaughtered. Yes, he could do everything in his capacity to protect the one-horned animal. The reason, the sheep was attracting Foster crazily is because of its horn which is not fully developed and makes it look like a unicorn sheep.

3. Older Brother Shaves His Siblings’ Head with Electric Razor

This Texas mother woke up to the scariest thing in her life—shaven heads of her children. Stephie Leigh shared videos of her bald children on Instagram. The video of the three siblings all bald went viral in no time. Well, it was the older kid, Teddy with little hair left in the front, had chopped off his siblings’ hair with an electric blazer. Thankfully, the kids were not hurt.

4. Chinese Father Left His Daughter in Restaurant as a Pawn

It was the most distressing video that has gone viral this week. This father, who did not have enough money to pay for the meal he had, left his daughter as a pawn. The incident was captured in the Chinese restaurant’s CCTV cameras, and it since has gone viral. The father reportedly told the restaurants cashier, that he could take his daughter the next day, after clearing his debt. Because, he did not arrive on time, the restaurant owner informed the police. It was later reported that the father and daughter were united at the police station, with the official giving him ‘stern lecture’ for his actions.

5. Foetal Rivalry

A video of the soon-to-be mother’s ultrasound adored the netizens. It shows two foetuses hitting and kicking each other in their mother’s womb itself. The footage was captured when the woman was four months pregnant. As delightful it might appear, this was a rare case of pregnancy and dangerous at the same time, as the umbilical cords of both the children can get entangled. But everything ended well, the two daughters are born all healthy and have been nicknamed as Cherry and Strawberry.

6. Shell on Challenge

This was a sickening challenge that was seen everywhere on social media recently. The latest Shell On Challenge, witness teens uploading videos of themselves eating unpeeled bananas, chips with plastic packaging or with a cardboard box and posting it on Snapchat. And it did not impress the people online. They went on slamming the challenge and warning parents to look after their children before they eat trash for the trend-sake.

7. Pre-Wedding Shoot Gone Wrong

Well this was the time, when the pre-wedding shoot gone horribly wrong. Dressed in a traditional attire, this Keralite couple in India, were posing to click snaps on a small boat. The moment they lean to kiss each other, the canoe toppled into the water. Though they had a hysterical moment, the finale outcome looked amazing.

This was it for this week. We so wait for the upcoming seven days to witness another crazy round of videos going viral on the internet. Till then, enjoy your weekend and use social media platforms wisely.