Viral Videos of the Week: An Arizona House Full of Snakes to Malaysian City Hall Worker Shooting Stray Dog to Death, Here Are the 7 Trending Clips!

Madhurima Sarkar

Not just the week, but the weekend is almost over too. Sooner, you realise this, you will find preparing yourself to beat the Monday blues already. But thanks to social media, for keeping up with the amazing, hilarious, entertaining and amazing content, that keeps all its users engaging for a longer time. As lazy your Sunday might be, here we bring you some amazing collection of videos that went viral this week. Because, why not! As we expected, there are numerous clips that appeared on the internet in the past few days, but we are restricted to only select the top seven for you, as they went extremely viral. Before we begin, let me tell you, this week’s videos are no easy. Some are funny, while others are emotional and a few disheartening that will give you all the mix feels. From the Arizona house full of snakes that caught fire, to Malaysia’s Ipoh City hall worker that shoot the stray dog to death, take a look back to all the viral moments of the week.

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1. House Full of Snakes Catches Fire in Arizona

This was a massive rescue. The Phoenix fire station officers were lauded by the netizens for being such amazing, as they carefully rescued at least more than 100 snakes, slithering all over the house, that caught fire. As per reports, the house even had lizards, birds, cats and dogs, all of them rescued safely by the officers.

2. Differently-Abled Zomato Delivery Boy

This differently-abled Zomato delivery boy stood as an inspiration for everyone, especially Twitter users in India, to work harder in life. Seeing him deliver food on his tricycle has made people glee in happiness, and we could not agree more.

3. Norwegian Woman Runs & Jumps like a Horse

This woman, identified as Kirstine, from Norway made Twitter go crazy for flawlessly running and jumping like a horse. Yes, she literally jumps and runs like a horse, not just sprinting on the ground but jumping over the wooden bench too.

4. Disabled Baby Armadillo Gets Custom-Made Wheelchair

While Armadillo is rare to spot, but there is one at a rescue centre in Brazil, and it has a set of wheels. So, it was rescued from the wild with no hind legs. But thanks to the vets at the rehabilitation centre, the little armadillo got a custom made wheelchair, a makeshift device to help it walk.

5. Drunk Woman Rants, Hits Passengers on Air

She created a ruckus on a Ukrainian flight, as she hit her co-passengers, saying she did not want to sit next to ‘foreigners’. Reportedly, three flight crew members tried to intervene and calm her, but she went on with her racist rant. Social media was appalled at the video quickly attained massive reactions. After the plane landed, the unidentified woman was detained by the police.

6. Man Clings to a Building on Fire

Fire gripped in one of the apartments completely in Rome. While the rescue operation was on, a man was spotted to cling on to the cornice of the building. The firefighters tried to douse the fire to reach the man, however, they could not. Gradually rescuers brought him down from the ledge using a crane. The man has been quite fortunate. Take a look at the dangerous rescue.

7. Ipoh City Hall Worker Shoots Stray Dog to Death

It appears that cruelty will never end. No matter, how much we all keep on trying to build up and save humanity, such videos only disappoint us. The Malaysian city worker shoots a stray dog to death. Facebook users were shunned to see the video of the incident, as it was shared massively online. Because of graphic content, viewer discretion is advised. However, you can watch it here.

These were a few, out of many videos that went viral online this week. We wait for the upcoming week, to see what the internet has to offer us. And this time, a light-hearted content may be. Till then, stay calm and use social media wisely.