Viral video: Woman gets stuck under elephant statue at Gujarat temple

Dressed in a black pyjama and pink tee, the woman was seen quite unfazed about the episode.

It’s not unusual for people in India to perform elaborate religious rituals in the hope that their wishes would be fulfilled. Recently, a woman tried to slide from beneath an idol as part of a ritual performed by devotees at a temple in Gujarat. However, things did not turn out as she had hoped and got stuck in the process!

The video of the woman stuck under a small stone elephant statue in the temple quickly went viral across social media sites and WhatsApp, leaving Netizens in splits, mostly because of how she maintained her cool. Other devotees in the video were seen pushing and pulling her, all the while sharing tips on how to come out from the other side.

Luckily, after a few minutes of struggle, she came out unscathed much to the relief of fellow devotees who cheered and clapped.