Viral Video Shows Man Playing 'Fetch' Rugby With Beluga Whale in Ocean

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A video has gone viral on social media which captured a beluga whale 'playing rugby' with a group of rugby fans on a boat out in the ocean with a World Cup Rugby ball.

The video, posted by Alon Kowen, shows a person throwing a ball towards the mammal and the whale catches it style.

Alon Kowen, who shared the video, captioned it, "Beluga Whale celebrating the Springboks victory somewhere close to the South Pole ! Spot the Cape Town build Gemini Craft and the South African accents !"

The video shows a person on board the boat, chuck a 2019 Rugby World Cup ball into the water near the whale, with the mammal going on to grab it and bringing it back to the boat.

In fact, the video has become so popular that even the official Twitter handle of the Rugby World Cup shared it, alongside the caption, "A beluga whale playing rugby That's it. That's the tweet.#MyRugbyMoment #RugbyForAll"

The video, which has already received over two million views along with 63K shares has won hearts online, with users posting a number of comments.

One user wrote, "Just amazing! On so many levels," while another posted, "....having a whale of a time."

Calling it an amazing experience, a third user went on to write, "This totally made my day! That must have been an amazing experience!"