Viral Video: Selfie With Cobra Kills Man, Snake Charmer Arrested

A man named Baburam Jakhar died of snake-bite after a cobra bit his ear during a street show. The incident happened in Jatawas village of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, where a group of people were taking videos and selfies near the captive snake.

Deadly Sting

A snake-charmer or Bhopa (a priest singer for folk deities in Rajasthan) named Indraram Sutar was dangling a cobra before a crowd, trying to show his prowess with the deadly animal. He garlanded Jakhar (who was among the bystanders) with the cobra and that is when the cobra bit the man on the ear. But when Jakhar tried telling the snake-charmer about the suspected bite, the latter rubbished his claim and continued with his demonstration.

Treatment Delayed

Soon, the poison spread and took over the victim's body and he fell unconscious. Reports also say the snake-charmer who claimed abilities to treat snake-venom attempted his mantras and sorcery by retaining the unconscious victim at a local temple. It was too late by the time he was taken to hospital, where the doctors declared him brought in dead.

The snake-charmer, whose act was caught on camera tried to run away. But the police have now arrested him.

Video Editor: Purnendu Pritam