Viral video: Myanmar aircraft lands safely without front wheels

All passengers and crew are reported safe after a Myanmar National Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Mandalay International Airport on only its rear landing wheels after the front landing gear failed to deploy. (Source: AP)

A pilot in Myanmar is being hailed as a hero after an incredible landing despite the landing gear of the aircraft failing partially. The pilot of Myanmar National Airline Flight UB103 land the aircraft on its nose safely despite not being able to use its front wheels. The pilot aced the emergency landing at the Mandalay airport and none of the 89 passengers were hurt.

The aircraft had departed from Yangon and was approaching Mandalay when the pilot was unable to extend the front landing gear. He followed emergency procedures and burned excess fuel to reduce the aircraft’s weight, the airline clarified.

Captain Myat Moe Aung circled the airport twice to allow air traffic controllers to determine if the landing gear was down, the airline said in a statement.

A video of the landing quickly went viral on social media and showed how the plane touched down on its rear wheels before lowering its nose.

The pilot did a great job, Win Khant, permanent secretary of transportation and telecommunication ministry told Reuters adding that the incident was being investigated.

Smoke entered the cabin as passengers waited to evacuate flight UB103 and a video from inside the plane showed passengers in a frenzy.

The horrific incident comes a week after a Biman Bangladesh Airlines plane skidded off the runway after landing in bad weather in Yangon. At least 15 crew and passengers were injured in the accident.