Viral video: Mother comes up with horrific prank to teach children not to run with scissors

In the video, Renae Johnson can be seen setting up the prank by convincingly popping the fake tongue inside her mouth.

A woman came up with a pretty horrifying prank just to teach her children that they shouldn't run with scissors.

In the video, New  York-based Renae Johnson can be seen setting up the prank by placing the fake tongue inside her mouth and piercing it with a scissor. She then lies on the floor, waiting for her two children to find her when they return from school.

Johnson's son, who enters the house first, finds his mother on the floor and screams as he realises that she is injured. He even attempts to take the scissors out.

Johnson scribbles something on a paper but the child continues to scream. His sister then enters the house and also screams on seeing her mother.

What the bizarre prank video here:

Their mother then reveals it was all a prank by taking out the fake tongue, but her children weren't amused. One of them even shouts, "I am going to kill you".