Viral video: Man turns ‘human chair’ for pregnant wife, earns praise online

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The caring husband earned plaudits online for his sweet gesture.

Footage of a man becoming a "human chair" for his wife is going viral on social media sites. The video, captured on a surveillance camera, shows a heavily pregnant woman struggling to stand as she tries to support herself holding the handrails in a hospital corridor. Her husband then sits on the floor, and she sits on his back to get some rest. The caring husband is also seen passing her a water bottle to.

The heart-warming clip was first shared by the police of Hegang, a city in the province of Heilongjiang in north-eastern China. Several social media users have praised the man for his act.

Some people also criticised onlookers, some who didn't help and others who didn't give up their seats on the bench. Here are some reactions: