Viral video of leg press gone horribly wrong: Why acting 'cool' on leg day in gym is a pathetic idea

Sayantan Maitra
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You shouldn't skip leg day, that's the most important advice any gym trainer will give you. But to throw your ego out the window on leg day, is advice only the best trainers in the world will give you.

No matter what you want to become, the Hulk, Wolverine, Superman, whatever...trying to act cool with weights and putting that strain on your legs to impress the smoking babe working out next to you is a bad idea.

The video of a man trying to impress his gym-mates by doing an almost 1,200 pound leg press has gone viral, with social media users reacting in all sorts of ways to it. This happened in a gym in Vadodara, India. 

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Dumbbell and barbell curls seem easy, so do bench presses. We don't complain if you try to load more weight to pack more meat on your guns and walls. However, when it comes to shoulders, legs and even deadlifts and cleans, staying humble remains key.

And no, you won't be looking a pussy in the gym if you don't add weight plates to the bar when you are doing squats or a leg press. Taking it all slow and steady remains a must for your muscle development, as well for your overall mental and physical progress.

The perfect way to do a leg press

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We all intend on putting mass on to our quads as we do our triceps and biceps. However, the key thing while doing leg workouts is to use as low a weight as possible for at least a month, until you finally get the hang of it.

It is then that you start piling on the weight...but that said, you need to think twice when you prepare to squat or leg press more than 2x your bodyweight. Even intermediate gym rats fail in those, and in turn, it gets really risky.

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With legs, the focus should be more on reps and sets with lower weights, in the initial period. Then you go higher.

Training your wheels the same way you do your guns, is a bad idea. 

KEY SUGGESTION: Never, ever, lock your knees while doing the leg press.

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