Viral video: Jharkhand’s forest dept uses Archimedes principle to rescue elephant stuck in well

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The team pumped water into the well using motorised pipes causing the elephant to float up. The mammal then climbed out of the well with the help of a ramp dug out by the rescue team.

The forest department of Jharkhand is being praised on social media after a video of a rescue of an elephant that was stuck in a well went viral. The video went viral after it showed how officials used the Archimedes principle to rescue the elephant calf.

Forest department officials said they were alerted by villagers who found an elephant calf inside a well in the Gumla district on Tuesday.

The rescue operations reportedly started around 7 am and went on for about three hours before the elephant was rescued using the upward buoyant force theory.

Applying the famous principle, the rescue team filled the well with water using motorised pipes. The struggling elephant floated to the top of the well and it was able to climb out of the well through a ramp that was dug for it to climb out.

Watch the video here:

The video was shared by Indian Forest Service official Ramesh Pandey on his Twitter feed. The official also praised the Divisional Forest Officer of Gumla and his team for the rescue plan.

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And just in case you're not familiar with the scientific principle, the Archimedes principle that is also known as the physical law of buoyancy, says that any body partly or completely submerged in a fluid is acted upon by an upward force. The magnitude of the upward force is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body.