Viral video: This couple’s new twist to the musical chair game leaves netizens in splits

The ending of the video has left people laughing out loud. (Source: Hitesh Vadhar/ Facebook)

The traditional game of musical chair has for several generations remained a popular choice in parties and family events and now a video of a couple playing the popular game, albeit with a twist, has gone viral, leaving netizens in splits.

Instead of running around a group of chairs, here the man in the video is seen stacking chairs together and then lifting his partner to make her sit on it. While it might seem easy initially with a few chairs, as the column increases, the man is seen struggling make his partner sit atop the stack.

However, at the end of the video, the man fails to lift his partner on the topmost chair, resulting in the woman falling on the ground.

Watch the hilarious video here:

The video has left people quite amused online and many are tagging their partners and friends to try out the game.