Viral Video: 13-year-old gives moving speech for father who died in Iran plane crash

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Ryan Pourjam, in his speech, described his father as strong and said that he was a positive person. He also said that he wanted his loved ones to remain optimistic during all tough times.

A video of a 13-year old's emotional speech for his father who died in the Iran plane crash has gone viral for the young man's maturity.

On Thursday, Ryan Pourjam gave a speech at a memorial service held at Carleton University in Canada, where his father Mansour earned his biology degree. The video was shared by Canadian politician Catherine McKenna, and she had praised his poise.

Ryan described his father as a strong man and said that he was a positive person who wanted his loved ones to remain optimistic through tough times.

"He’d always tell me to stay positive through the dark times and through the good, when we'd get stuck in traffic or when I couldn't get the coffee that I wanted," Ryan said.

Watch the video here:

Mansour Pourjam was among the 176 people killed after a Ukranian airline's aircraft crashed on January 8 soon after taking off from Tehran. Though Iran initially denied allegations,it later released a statement admitting that it had shot down the aircraft and blamed a "human error" amid heightened tensions with the US military.

People who saw the teenager's speech praised his grace and dignity. Here are some of the reactions:

Over 200 people were in attendance for the memorial service which was for Pourjam and another victim Fareed Arasteh, a PhD student in the university. Ryan,  in his speech, said that he was moved to see so many people who came together to celebrate the lives of the two victims.