A Viral Tweet is Making 90s Kids Nostalgic About School Picnics from Childhood

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Nostalgia is a bittersweet feeling, and a recent Twitter post has got netizens reveling into that emotion. A tweet posted last week took netizens back to school days and the fun picnics that they enjoyed as students.

Indian Forest Service Praveen Kaswan on Friday reminisced about his schooldays on the micro blogging site where he mentioned how his school used to take them to a nearby park and call it a picnic. Recalling his childhood days Kaswan called it quite fun and said that life is way more complicated now.

The tweet went on to receive over 3.5k likes, resonating with several netizens who shared their own experiences and feelings about their school days. Replying to Kaswan’s tweet one user wrote that he wishes the tradition of going to picnics continues in offices as well.

Sharing their journey to reach a “stressful” life from the happy childhood one user wrote that it is true that life has become more complicated with stress and it is the way our parents or elders told us.

Another user said that school picnics at public parks used to be the true picnics, memories of which remain “evergreen”.

Meanwhile, for one user picnics were more of a cleanliness drive since they were taken to a neighbouring village with broomsticks and made to clean the area on every Saturday.

The tweet also brought back some lost memories for some users who wrote how they are now “smiling like an idiot” remembering their childhood.

Another Twitteratipointed out how school picnics in big cities like Mumbai have evolved into international trips these days.

But for some it was a basic slide, merry-go-round, swing, and see-saw rides that gave them immense pleasure back in the day.

Comparing their own childhood to modern children one user wrote that the privilege and beauty of life that they have enjoyed seems “impossible” for the current generation. The tweet also mentions that the older generations were more into nature which has now been replaced by technology and tech gadgets for the present-day children.

Recalling their picnic experience one user mentioned how they used to stack up the snacks for the bus journey and share it with their friends while enjoying the trip.

In a hilarious reply to Kaswan’s tweet, one user mentioned that attending schools has become so rare in the times of coronavirus pandemic that the day his son will finally go to school will be his picnic day.