Viral Test: Is this sensational video of infiltration in Kashmir real?

A video that allegedly shows a group of terrorist infiltrating into India with ease has been making rounds on the social media. Several Facebook handles have shared the video as Islamic State fighters walking into India, waging a battle.

The video shows Ak-47 wielding men walking through a wooded area. The man behind the camera does the job of a reporter as he asks questions while the terrorists walk past the camera.

The unidentified person behind the camera asks the terrorists their names, the reason behind the infiltration and which terror group they belong to.

The faces of the terrorist are carefully covered. One of them identifies himself as Zarkawi. The hint of Ayman -al- Zarkawi- the current head of Al Qaida - is perhaps deliberately added to give seriousness to their purpose. One of them says they have come to fight the Indian Armed Forces in Jammu and Kashmir and even refers to 1999 Kargil Conflict.

Here's the video that's gone viral:

India Today subjected it to viral test. From the language and accent of the terrorist, it is clear that the terrorists are locals. The foliage in the video suggests that it has been shot in the valley.

The camera angle and framing of videos, however, gives away that it is a staged shoot and the video hardly captures terrorists who have just crossed the Line-of - Control, the de-facto border between India and Pakistan.

Checks with security agencies revealed that the viral video was shot most likely in Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir.

Interestingly, the terrorist in video declare themselves to be part of the Tehreek -ul- Mujahideen. There was indeed a terror group by that name in the 90s. The group now, however, is defunct. Nonetheless, it is headed by Shiekh Jameel -ul- Rehman who is a resident of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The Facebook account of Jameel-ul-Rehman says he studied at the Kashmir University. Records with security agencies suggest that social media propaganda for TuM is handled from the Kashmir valley by person identified as Tariq Mir.

"It is an engineered video of an infiltration and most likely shot in Kupwara during summer months. The aim is clear to get more Kashmiri youth to join militancy," a senior Indian Army officer told India Today and added that video first appeared in social media last year.

In 2017 and in the first seven months of 2018, security agencies have eliminated over 200 terrorist. "These videos are aimed at recruiting youth," senior security officials said.

"TuM has minimal presence in Jammu and Kashmir and has been flirting with the Islamic State ideology," senior security officials, who didn't want to be named, told India Today.

Recently, the ISIS, Tehreek-ul-Mujhadeen (TuM) both claimed responsibility for the Zakura attack. In the retaliation, a terrorist named Mugees Ahmad Mir was killed in retaliation. The attack also left a sub-inspector dead and a cop injured on November 17.