Viral Pic of Women’s Milk Ducts Disturbs Twitterati, Triggers Trypophobia; Check Out Hilarious Tweets

Shaloo Tiwari
Some people were understandably horrified, especially the ones who didn't pay attention to the biology class in childhood.

Breasts are fascinating organs, no doubts. But have you ever wondered how the inside of your boobs looks like? Well, Twitter recently was enlightened about it when an image of female chest muscles and milk ducts went viral. People did not know how to react to it when Twitter user @lemonadead shared a realistic illustration of the female muscular system that featured milk ducts in each breast. The image has garnered mixed reactions; some were disgusted, others were shocked, and some liked them and compared them to flowers. But a few also complained of the pic triggering trypophobia, an unusual fear of holes. Your Boobs Can Be Converted Into Pots! Artist Helps Create ‘Tit-Pots’ Make In The Shape of Your Breasts (View Pictures.)

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The Viral Post of Milk Ducts:

Here are some of the reactions the milk-duct picture received:

Does it?



Many find it beautiful!

Some couldn't decide what they felt



God, NO!

Some people were understandably horrified, especially if you didn't pay attention in your biology class in childhood, this picture can freak anyone out! What say?