The viral #MicrowaveChallenge has people spinning on the floor

As the trend became popular, people are now giving it quirky twists too!

The latest fad on the internet is the bizarre ‘microwave challenge’, which involves people spinning on the floor imitating the working of a microwave oven. People taking up the challenge post videos of themselves sitting on the floor without moving their hands, their legs stretched out straight in front of them, and going in a circle.

The challenge which originated on TikTok earlier this month has now become a social media rage, as multiple videos from the app are now on Twitter and Instagram. However, many K-Pop fans have pointed out that it was Korean boy bands BTS and EXO that popularised the move way back in 2016.

Participants usually perform the ‘challenge’ to the same song titled ‘Slow Dancing in the Dark’ by Joji. The song has been picked because the song has a ‘ding’ note in it, that resembles the sound of a microwave alarm.

While the challenge initially required people to just sit on the floor and rotate, participants in the challenge are spicing it up, with some performing it with rotating shopping carts or while drinking juice. From babies to pets, the #MicrowaveChallenge is the latest viral trend on Instagram and Twitter.

Here are some of the most popular and quirky videos: