Viral 'Hack' of Cooking Pasta Directly on Kitchen Counter Has Left Netizens Nauseous

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Italians are famous for their love of pasta as it is the most quintessential traditional delicacy. However, a bizarre pasta hack is doing the rounds of social media which appears to be so disgusting that the mere sight of it may ruin your fond memories of the dish. In the viral clip, a woman can be seen slathering her bare marble kitchen slab with a jar of cold Prego tomato sauce. She then goes on to build mounds of meatballs on it, sprinkles a jug of parmesan cheese powder and dumps a few kettleful of cooked pasta.

She can be seen mixing all the ingredients on the kitchen counter itself using wooden utensils. The lady serves the prepared dish right there along with breadsticks and lettuce layered with salad dressing.

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In the video, the cook tells her viewers that it is the easiest hack to make pasta for a large gathering. Using this hack, the host doesn’t have to worry about cleaning a lot of dishes.

This hack to make the traditional pasta was shared by an Italian couple, Josh and Lisa, on their Facebook page which has gained 25,000 likes there. The user titled the video ‘Ultimate Spaghetti Trick’. However, it went viral when YouTuber Jarvis Johnson re-shared the post on Twitter while poking fun at the hack.

Since re-shared, the video has received more than 4,500 reactions and over 16,000 comments. In most of the comments, netizens have either expressed their wrath or disgust watching this veritable morass as it has left many pasta lovers with a bad taste.

The end result of the dish certainly looks more like a crime scene than a buffet.

During the video, the woman also claimed that this uncooked cold pasta was the real Italian pasta and that her family’s style to eat it is to lick it straight from the kitchen slab. Social media users were aghast by this claim and said that it was too unhygienic.

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