Instagram Celebrity, Violet Summers’ Love Affair With Sneakers

Team Latestly
·3-min read

Violet Summers is a 20-year-old model who learned from the best on her way to becoming an Instagram celebrity and influencer. She has amassed nearly 9 million followers on Instagram, and is quickly on her way to breaking 10 million. To achieve the success that others she admired had, she knew that she had to discover her own brand. Who was she? How did she want to be seen by the world?

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Well, she looked for inspiration on Pinterest and the accounts of other Instagram models. This helped her curate her unique aesthetics and pick out the right outfits. What caught her eye above everything else was the look of girls wearing sneakers.

If we want to get specific here, we can say that she was basically “Instagram stalking” wildly popular Alexis Ren. If you don’t already know, Alexis Ren has nearly 15 million Instagram followers, and is co-founder of a brand called Future Prosperity, which aims to help the world detox from plastic. As Violet scrolled through Alexis’ IG feed, she stumbled across a video of her wearing a pair of Air Jordan 1s. As she often does, Alexis was flashing her booty, except this time she was doing it while on a skateboard.

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Up until this point, Violet never even owned a single pair of sneakers that was over $40! In fact, she was more of a flip-flop or flats kind of girl more than anything. However, Alexis made a lasting impression on her when she pulled her pants down, right at the camera. For Violet, this was an epic demonstration of female empowerment while wearing something that stood out.

Seeing this gave her an idea. She thought that while it was an amazing photoshoot idea, she wanted to take things a step further. After all, to stand out today amid the sea of other models and influencers, she needed to be bolder and more daring.

The first thing on her agenda was to go hit up the stores selling sneakers in town, online, and every time she visited a new city. She wanted to make sure she had the perfect sneakers in order to create the best photoshoots. She was on a mission that was driven by a vision.

This was the point when Violet began to merge her lingerie and bikinis and her new assorted collection of sneakers. It wasn’t long before she became obsessed with this new look and style. Fast forward to today, and Violet is the proud owner of an entire wall of sneakers...110 pairs to be exact! This is a collection that is steadily climbing and showing no signs of slowing down.

What started out as a hunt for creative inspiration to curate her own look and style led to a wildly successful aesthetic that Violet is now known for. Millions of her fans look forward to seeing what the next outfit she puts together will be. To see the latest from Violet Summers, follow her on Instagram here and prepare to be stunned!