Violence does not impact community bonds in areas on UP-Delhi border

By Joymala Bagchi

New Delhi [India], Feb 28 (ANI): Areas of East Kamal Vihar, a sub-locality of Karawal Nagar, witnessed large-scale vandalism during violence in Delhi earlier this week but that did not impact the bonds of harmony between communities here.

The violence in the areas saw vehicles and shops being set on fire, houses burnt and even a local school vandalised.

People tried to save houses and shops from mob without looking at whom these belonged to. Prahlad Garg, 65, said locals did not see whom the property belonged as they tried to save it from the mob.

"At that very moment, a person tries to find immediate solutions on how to douse the fire or save an injured," he said.

Three alleys of East Kamal Vihar consist of Muslim families who have been living elsewhere since February 24.

Haji Nasiruddin, a local, who came back today is happy to see his grocery shop has remained untouched.

"That day around 1000 people covering their face with the mask and wearing helmets came running at us. Some of them were also carrying rods. They ransacked shops and set them on fire along with vehicles. After witnessing such a volatile situation most of us fled. I moved my family to a nearby location with the help of Hindu brothers here. My family is still at my relative's place. I will go and bring them back soon," he said.

As soon locals sensed the distress, the members of two major communities stood together to protect their locality. Later, the police arrived too.

Mohammad Irshad, a dhaba owner, said, "We have always lived in peace and harmony and will continue to do so. Let's see who has the audacity to even think of breaking it."

Security forces have been deployed in the area. Some alleys still wear a deserted look as families are yet to come back but the situation is improving. (ANI)