Violence Against Women in India on a Rise; Uttar Pradesh Records Highest Share of Crimes

Mathew Maniamkot
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Tongue cut off.

A broken spinal cord.

These were the headlines in the past two days in India.

The victims of such sexual crimes are then given the undesirable moniker of “India’s daughter.” No one wants to be garlanded with it, as it means being a rape victim, or a ‘dead’ rape victim in some cases.

Concept of a violence against women. Black and white portrait of scared and desperate woman, focus on the hands in protective gesture
According to the NCRB, 30.9% of the crimes against women were labelled under ‘Cruelty by Husbands or his relatives.’

Denting our hopes of a better world for women in our country is the latest report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) with its annual crime data for 2019.

Here are some highlights from NCRB’s report:

  • There were a total of 4,05,861 cases of crime against women which was registered in 2019. The number is a 7.3% increase over last year’s where the number of registered cases were 3,78,236.

  • 30.9% of the crimes against women were labelled under ‘Cruelty by Husbands or his relatives.’ This implies that 30.9% of all the crimes last year against women were perpetrated by people who were close to the victim.

  • 21.8% of these crimes were registered under ‘Assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty.’

  • There were 1,08,025 victims of kidnapping or abduction in 2019, out of which 84,921 were women. Among these, 55,370 female victims were children.

  • Out of the 3,80,526 people who went missing last year, 2,48,397 were women. The overall figure of missing persons in the country has increased by 9.5% in 2019 from last year.

  • Uttar Pradesh holds the worst record by laying claim to a 14.7 percentage share of all crimes committed against women in the country.

  • The highest rate of crimes against women happens in Assam, where at least 177 out of every 1 lakh women have been victims of a criminal act. Delhi stands next at 144. Tamilnadu, at 15.6, is one of the safest states for women in the country.

Not to mention, most of the crimes committed against women go unrecorded because of the shame associated with sexual assaults in India.

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(Edited by Athira Nair)

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