Women’s Day Wit From Twinkle Khanna, Mallika Dua, Lilly Singh

From the Sarojini Nagar Diva to Super Girl Lilly to Mrs Funny Bones to the Rapper Girl next door, we bring you the funniest and most inspiring ‘Vintage Gyaan’ from our favourite women.

Video Sources: The Tonight Show, Z Jaipur Literature Festival, The Quint , Conference for Women, Biscoot TV. ( Video Editor: The Quint/ Hitesth Singh)

Lilly Singh, Internet Star“I want to make it cool for women to build each other up, and not take each other down”

Lilly Singh on her project “Girl Love”

Mallika Dua, Sketch Comedian“ I fell in love with him when I realised that he wasn’t an ***hole”

Mallika Dua on falling in love

Mindy Kaling, Actress, Writer, Producer“I’m an Unabashed Feminine Feminist”

Mindy Kaling on what kind of feminist she is

Sofia Ashraf, Rapper and Activist“ I shaved off my hair and said NOW find me a boy”

Sophia Ashraf on being set up

Twinkle Khanna, Columnist and Author“ Anybody who says they don’t believe in feminism is an idiot, is what I’d like to say”

Twinkle Khanna on who she considers an idiot