Vince Vaughn on getting his break in a Chevy commercial and why he avoids social media

Vince Vaughn is often the biggest personality in the room — as well as the biggest person, given his 6-foot-5 stature. Nonetheless, in the latest episode of Off Script (presented exclusively on Yahoo Entertainment), he’s ably matched in the charisma department by host Jamie Foxx, whom Vaughn enthusiastically praises as “a dangerous man.”

In the duo’s enthusiastic sit-down, Vaughn admits that, as an up-and-coming actor, show business seemed like “another world,” and that every gig he ever booked — including his first, a Chevy car commercial — felt like his big break. Nonetheless, with hits like Swingers, Old School, and Wedding Crashers under his belt, there’s no denying that Vaughn is a formidable marquee star. And one who, as evidenced by his more serious turns in movies like Psycho and Brawl in Cell Block 99, isn’t afraid to tackle non-comedic material, because, as he says, “the beauty of being an actor is that you get to dive into those other sides of yourself.”

Despite his many talents, Vaughn is quick to downplay Foxx’s praise, especially when the host recounts Ron Howard’s comment dubbing Vaughn the greatest improvisatory comic ever. “I don’t know about that. That’s very nice of him. I did it when I was younger… [but] I think people make too big of a deal. It’s like friends do it joking around as kids, right? When you’re bored and you don’t have a lot of stuff around… you try to make each other laugh,” says Vaughn.

Now with a wife and two kids, Vaughn has, after years of holding out, finally become the owner of a cellphone. And while he’s still avoiding social media, he confesses there’s little he likes more than meeting new people (“I really enjoy connecting”). However, considering his rapport with old friend Jamie Foxx, it’s clear that Vaughn is comfortable in just about every social situation.

Watch their entire video conversation above, and keep your eyes out for upcoming installments of Off Script right here on Yahoo Entertainment.

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