Vikas Bahl’s Cinema Always Carries a Strong Message for Women

Vikas Bahl won every woman’s heart with the Kangana Ranaut starrer Queen. But the recent sexual harassment allegations against him are troubling too. The national award winning filmmaker, is now facing some serious charges, which are quite contrary to the kind of messages his women-oriented films carry.

Be the Queen of You

Rani (Kangana Ranaut) fights a thief with all her might in a dark alley in Paris. She dumps the guy she was in love with, once she realises that she loves herself more. She even lets a man she barely knows, kiss her, and it makes her smile. Though Rani was vulnerable and dependant, she finds her strength and makes her choices.

A Shaandaar Comment on Fat Shaming

Though this Vikas Bahl film was a disappointment after the success of Queen, the filmmaker did have a take on women in this one too. The bride-to-be of Shaandaar is not your regular model-type pretty little thing. Eesha (Sanah Kapur) is heavy and hears no end about it from her own family, and also the one she’s marrying into. Her sister Alia (Alia Bhatt) on the other hand, urges her to see that she’s better than the man she’s marrying, even though the world doesn’t think so, simply because she’s fat. In fact eventually, Eesha’s father played by Pankaj Kapur (on and off screen) tells her to run away from the fat-shaming and a husband who doesn’t love her for who she is.

Going Home Safely Should Be the Default

This Alia Bhatt starrer short film directed by Vikas Bahl carries a strong message for all men. A girl is stranded on the road in the middle of the night because her car breaks down. A bunch of boys stop by and check her out. She asks them for help and they drop her home, safe and sound. Hard to believe right? Well, Bahl’s point is just this- can we give her the world that she believes exists?

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