Vijay Mallya Fakexclusive: The Interview That Never Happened

The Vijay Mallya Fakexlusive: Opens up about his plans post bail.

Well well well, look who we have found. The Man of the hour, erstwhile known as the ‘King of good times’ , Mr Vijay Mallya speaking fakexclusively to The Quint. Are you wondering how Vijay Mallya is feeling post bail or what did he do with all that money he took from the banks or most importantly, will he return the money he ‘borrowed’?

Guess what, we have the answers here with us in the video. This is what Mr Mallya said in an interview that never happened. So, is he having a good time? Watch now to find out.

Cameraperson: Athar Rather
Video Editor: Rahul Sanpui and Puneet Bhatia