Viewing of Jupiter, Saturn planned

This is the last chance in 2019 to view the planets. File

Residents of the city will be able to view Jupiter and Saturn at the Balgandharva bridge on November 16 as part of an initiative by Jyotirvidya Parisanstha, an NGO.

Known as JVP in Pune, the organisation comprises amateur astronomers.

This is the last chance in 2019 to catch a glimpse of the largest and second largest planets in the solar system.

“People can view moon and banks on Jupiter along with other things which are not commonly viewed. Same goes for Saturn as well" said Deepak Joshi, vice-president of JVP.

The association says it plans to arrange for a number of telescopes for the event. Every month, the organisation conducts night-long programmes in and around the city.

Formed on August 22, 1944, the association seeks to spread knowledge of astronomy among the public and debunk misconceptions they might have.