View from the right: Communal minorities

The editorial claims that it is not that the Modi government did not try to reach out to all sections in the first term. (file)

In response to the call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure his government has Sabka Vishwas some Muslim leaders have written an open letter appreciating the PM s initiative with a rider undertake more Confidence Building Measures (CBMs). The editorial in Organiser says that though there is an absence of consensus about this initiative within the Muslim community, as many pessimists have raised red flags, CBMs must be considered at the community level, rather than just as a matter for the government. It claims that it is not that the Modi government did not try to reach out to all sections in the first term. The problem lies somewhere else, and addressing it goes beyond mere economic or educational benefits.

The editorial theorises that the entire pision of majority and minority is based on flawed considerations and is a creation of the colonial rulers. Barring Muslims and to some extent Christians, no religious community feels insecure or threatened in Bharat. The so-called majority has many sects, and still, they share a common worldview of acceptance and respect for all. The mindset of being erstwhile rulers and the fundamental belief that our Truth revealed by certain Prophet or Book is the only and ultimate truth, and everyone has to follow the same are at the root of insecurities (sic), says the editorial.

It adds that recently, many incidents of heinous crimes like child rapes are getting communalised. Do we need to bring in religion either of a perpetrator or a victim in the case of a heinous crime? There are many people from the so-called majority who raise the voice against such criminal mindsets, how many of the so-called minorities, especially Muslims have raised voice against the brutal rapes during the pious month of Ramzan? How many columns could we see against the attack on the resident doctors in West Bengal? it asks.

Yoga is magic

As International Yoga Day approaches, Organiser and Panchjanya have a series of articles about Yoga and its benefits. An article in Organiser says that Hindutva is the best choice for humanity, it s a gift from India, to India and the world, and yoga marries so well with Hindutva . The article says that yoga truly is magic for the mind, body and soul and it aligns all these together so your body and thought are in harmony. The article claims that yoga is growing rapidly in the US and adds that the yoga industry in 2012 was $6.9 billion and by 2020 it will reach $11.56 billion. Sadly, there are a lot of certified teachers in the USA who just get their certificate because it is a money making generator. They are missing out of the core fundamentals of the spirituality and magic of yoga, asserts the article.

Another article says that in vedic and yogic thought, consciousness is the supreme reality, not matter, energy or mind… Consciousness is all-pervasive like space, self-effulgent like light, uniting everything in the universe in the highest awareness and bliss as the Self of all. It also says that the yogic science of consciousness is India s greatest contribution to human knowledge and probably the most important science we have as a species because it alone grants true knowledge of the Infinite and Eternal . Dharmic education, it claims, requires a yogic approach.

Imran s nightmare

An opinion article in Organiser claims that the biggest nightmare for Pakistan s prime minister, Imran Khan, is the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) a Paris-based inter-governmental body that sets standards and promotes effective implementation of legal, regulatory and operational measures for combating money laundering, terror financing and other related threats to the integrity of the international financial system. It says that on the basis of its assessments, the institution puts rogue nations on the Grey List and very serious cases on the Black List . Pakistan was placed on the Grey List in 2018.

The article claims that Pakistan is continuing with attempts to place itself on a high moral pedestal in the global arena, not realising that the international community is worried about the impact of the breeding of violence in Pakistan. The best option for Pakistan, according to the article, is to make an honest effort to tackle terrorism and get on the right side of the global order, which includes India. The article adds that there is only one factor that is hindering Pakistan from taking this path the need to feed terrorism in Kashmir. It is reluctant to touch many many terrorist organisations operating on its soil that deal with Kashmir. It now remains to be seen if Pakistan can read the writing on the wall and mend its ways before it is too late, the article asserts.

Compiled by Lalmani Verma